Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Post

How's it going everybody? Welcome to the first addition of Private First Class Jared Harding's blog. Now this is my first ever experience with a blog, so please bear with me, I don't know what I'm doing.

Just in case anyone who is reading this doesn't know, I'm at basic training with the Utah Army National Guard in Fort Jackson South Carolina. And let me tell you, everything people say about the humidity here is 100% true, IT SUCKS!!! Just standing outside in our formations cause about a cup of sweat to drip down your back (I'm sure you all wanted to know that)

There really isn't much to tell at the moment. I've been here for a week and I'm still getting processed. That means I'm getting my shots, my uniforms, my eye test(and apparently I can't cheat the army test, cause I might have to wear their glasses), and anything else that they want to do. I'm pretty sure I will officially be in basic tomorrow or the next day.

Like I mentioned before, there isn't a lot to say. I will tell you that after a week here I remember why I don't like teenagers and why before I came here I was worried about how stupid they were going to be. Just in case you were wondering, they didn't disappoint. They're actually more stupid than I thought.

I guess some good news is that I've become friends with like two people and I can actually have a conversation with them that is halfway intelligent and don't have to use swear words in every sentence. Of course I've gotten to know others, but those two are the best.

I guess the only other good thing about this place(besides not having to style my white, sun burnt, bald head)is that since I'm right by the ocean, I get fish for like 1-2 meals a day.

Anyway, I think that will be all for my very first blog ever. And I would like to gave a very special thanks to my wonderful sister Angie, for posting this for me. Thank you. I hope all is going well for you, and please check back often. I will try to give you and update once a week. Last thing, please feel free to write me at:

PFC Harding, Jared
C-Co 1/61 In Regt (2nd)
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

And please write the word "Cobra" on the back of the letter. Love you all.

PFC Jared Harding


  1. Fantastic idea Jared & Angie. It is great to hear about life for you. And just so you know, after dinner at your mom's on Sunday, Halee commented that it is just not the same without you there and that she really misses you. Hang in there Jared....we love ya!

  2. Stick in there man! Jacob went to basic probably six years ago and he survived, so I know that you can too! Hit me up some time! It would be great to do something with ya! --Jared Scow

  3. Hi Jared! I'm glad you have a blog! I think this is a good idea too! I can't wait till you get home though.

  4. Oh yeah, If you give me your email adress, I will invite you to my blog.