Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Write To Me Please!

This is Angela here. I haven't gotten any new letters from Jared yet so I thought I'd share some bits of a letter he sent to my parents.

"Well, here is is Sunday again and I finally got to go to an LDS church. It was fantastic. It's amazing the feeling you get when you're in a building full of the Spirit. As soon as I walked into the building I started crying. I also got a blessing afterward. And on top of that, one of the girls in my company came with us and she wasn't a member, so after I was able to talk to her a little bit and she's going to come next week. :)

So I'm finally officially in Basic Training now and doing the "fun stuff." Two days ago we did a road march and did Victory Tower. I don't know how to describe it, but if you watch the movie Renaissance Man with Danny Devito, he does it in the movie. It was fun though. And yesterday we did our first PT test and I did good for the most part. I just need 15 more push ups to max out and my 2 mile time was 14.5 min. Now for the Glenns, I know they could do that in their sleep, but I was happy with it. I thought I was going to get like 16 to 16.5 min. Unfortunately my sit-ups are very crappy. I need ten more just to do the minimum. I know I'll get it, it just stinks that I didn't pass them."

He hasn't gotten any letters yet, but he really needs them from everyone. It's really rough right now and letters really help. Thanks for reading this blog and I hope I'll have another letter to post soon.

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  1. I wrote you a letter Jared! Hope you are having a good time.