Thursday, July 30, 2009


I can't believe it. Week five is over. I can now say that I've been here more days than I have left. And by the time this actually gets blogged, I'll have less than a month. Oh yeah. Of course, then I go to my AIT training and I'll be gone for 10 more weeks. But it won't be anything like this. For one, I'll have my cell phone. :)

Anyway, this week has been very long, hot, boring, humid, hot, tedious, hot and humid, and hot. This week has been pretty much all rifle range. Now that might sound fun to some of you. And if it was scout camp it probably would be. But here in the Army, well at least Basic Training, nothing is fun. We are on the range all day and we only get to shoot 2 or maybe, if we're lucky, 3 times. Not to mention the extra 30-40 lbs. of gear that you wear while firing. So all my life I've never really been a gun person and it shows it out here. I'm struggling with it. We did one of our practices today and I shot 24 out of 40. So technically I passed, but I'm not counting on me for sure being able to do it again. So, yes, still a little nervous.

This week was also my PT test. I did a little better than last time. My push ups and sit ups were pretty much the same. And not that I'm trying to give any excuses, but I have been a tad bit under the weather. Just throwin' that out there. I was kinda nervous about the run due to my rolling of it last week. Plus, since I did roll my ankle, I haven't run in over a week as well. Anyway, I ended up cutting off 16 seconds. I'm now down to 13:54. That means I've cut off one full minute from my first time doing it. Just in case you haven't been following, this was my thrid time running. So over all, PT is going good.

I think that'll just about do it for this week. Like I said, not a very eventful week. Oh, on good news, like three weeks ago I slammed my thumb in my locker. The good news part of that is that the nail is growiing back, it is a little deformed, but all in all it's good. Just thought I'd keep you updated. So, until next week, keep watching the skies.

PS I hate humidity. It's one of the many tools of the devil.


  1. ugh ew i hate humidity too! my brother got married in texas and it was awful humidity while we were there. and the reception was outside!! even in the temple it eventually started to feel muggy. boo. Wow well Im so glad you are almost done! Soon you get your cell back huh...give me a call if you want to chat! Sorry about your ankle and thumb and feeling under the weather. Sweetness about cutting down your running time and getting all your exercising done.WOot WOot! Hope you have a good weekend - if you get such a thing?

  2. I have been trying to leave comments the past couple weeks and it won't let me, and now I'm tired of posting a long thing and it not coming across. So, I just wanted to say we can't wait for you to get back and to hear all your great stories.