Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, me? I'm still a gimp.

Sorry ya'll, this week probably won't be too exciting. It's been a boring week with not much happening. The highlights were I got to stick someone with an IV and I got stuck with one as well. I'm happy to report that I was only stuck once and I also passed on my first try. So now if any of you get dehydrated and there just happens to be an IV there, I'll be able to stick you. Lucky you.

We also got to shoot our weapons for the first time this week. The good news for all of you: If I ever get mad at you and decide to shoot you, chances are that I'll miss you. Unfortunately, if I go to war, that'll be a bad thing. We're going more next week so I'm guessing I'll do better.

Then the biggest news is that we had a road march on Thursday where we had to wear our helmet, knee and elbow pads, and about 30 lbs. of gear on my back. Sounds fun, right? So we were told that it was going to be around 3.5 -4 miles. Well, right around mile .01 of it I rolled my ankle and fell to the ground crying like a baby. Can you imagine that? I rolled my ankle, that never happens, right? Anyway, my DS just told me to get up and march or just quit and get in the gimp van. So me being my prideful self, I got up and marched all 3.49 - 3.99 miles on my crappy ankle. Of course I had to walk around the rest of the day as well. At night I was finally able to take off my boot and look at my foot. And DANG!!! It looked like I had a flippin softball in my ankle. It hurt so bad. Here it is two days latter and I'm able to kinda walk and now I have a fatty foot. It jiggles when I walk.

Anyway, that's pretty much it, not much exciting stuff going on. Hopefully it will be more exciting next week. So until then, take care. And if you ever get a free moment, feel free to write me a letter and let me know how you're doing. PEACE!


  1. a letter, thats asking a lot Jared! I was only good at snail mail on the mission. well, i'll see what i can do :) Things are going good here in az. im going to san diego this wknd to go to the beach. so sorry to hear bout your foot! YIKES i hope it is better soon. im glad to know that you can stick me with a needle if i need it. just 1 time remember!

  2. Hi Jared! I'm sorry about your ankle! We miss you so much. I'm going to right you a letter as soon as I get a chance.

  3. haha in MY letter you said it was 40 lbs you had to carry!! :) You are so trying to show off to me!! :) haha It is ok. It works ;)